Thursday, July 19, 2012

Ambermist said so . . .

My name isn't actually Revynn and I don't have demonic minions.

Recently, Ambermist at Battle Chicken put out a challenge to WoW bloggers everywhere to stop whining about Rogue mechanics or fussing over broken spell effects and to spend some time revealing things about themselves. I know I've only been at this for a few weeks, but I'm going to pretend that other people besides my wife are interested in me personally and follow suit.

WoW Related:
  • My first character (that wasn't eventually deleted or re-rolled) is one of my least played but also one of my favorites. My Feral Druid that I rolled specifically because I saw the Night Elf turn into a panther in the original WoW cinematic. I was watching it with a friend who was trying to convince me to start playing and the only thing I said was "That. I want to do that. How do I do that?". I had no idea what I was doing. I was putting talent points into Balance and Resto trees, enchanting for Dodge and playing Feral by spamming Rake. I died. A lot. But I was an Elf that turned into a giant cat and I loved it.
  • I have an abnormal obsession with Orange text. Across all of my characters I have 2 Thunderfurys and 3 more in process (Seriously, Garr - Drop my stuff and I'll stop killing you every week), 2 Sulfuras' and one more in process, Thoridal, Dragonwrath, a completed set of Warglaives and another MH waiting on its twin and three Shadowmournes in the making. I'm in Molten Core on at least 3 characters every week looking for Bindings and I try to get into Black Temple or Sunwell as often as possible. I'll start working on Valanyr and Shadowmourne more heavily in MoP. I'd work on my 2nd Dragonwrath, but Firelands is still too new to be casually pugged and I want it to keep it a fun thing rather than a chore.
  • As a pet collecting, part-time Hunter, I hate seeing rare mobs go untamed. I once chain CC'ed Gondria for almost an hour while I did /who queries trying to find a BM hunter who was interested. I also did the same with Arcturis on my warlock, spamming a glyphed Fear for 30 minutes until I found someone.
  • I find male Gnomes hideously creepy. It's probably a combination of the Dr. Seuss hair/moustache options and "spank it and work it" dance. Meanwhile, female Gnomes are adorable and cuddly.
  • I've never actively RP'ed in WoW but I still like to create backstories for my characters and give them personalities in my head. My warlock is in it strictly for power and entertainment. She couldn't care less about the end of the world or the Lich King taking over or any of that. It's all about luxury, sensuality and decadence. She's just as content to sit in her room in Dalaran drinking wine with her feet up on the Imp's head as she is to be ripping out someones soul. The only reason she didn't take up Arthas' offer of supreme power and immortality was because she felt insulted that he wanted Tirion more. Just don't ask about her mother . . .
  • While leveling my Warlock, I once /need rolled on Shadowfang and equipped it. My reasoning at the time was that I was squishy and, if I had something in melee range of me, I would want the melee stats to kill it faster.
More Personal:
  • I'm from California and my wife is from New York, but we met in Florida while doing inner city missions work. We kept in touch for 2 years until we met up in Florida (again) when we started dating long distance. Four months later I flew her out to California to meet my family and proposed. We got married the following August. Despite my best efforts, she does not play WoW. We'll be celebrating our 6th anniversary next month.
  • When I proposed, I had this huge romantic plan to spend the day at the beach. We were going to walk around the pier shopping, head to a nice dinner and I would ask her to marry me on the sand at sunset. Instead, we got lost on the way there, turned a 45 minutes drive into almost 3 hours, realized that the only open restaurant was obscenely expensive (we had water and salads) and I proposed at the table by stumbling over my words and barely managing to get out a coherent sentence. As we were leaving, we discovered that my car wouldn't start.
  • We have two kids, a four year old girl and a two year old boy. My daughter was diagnosed with Autism a few months ago, but it didn't change anything about the way I see her. She's not stupid or retarded, in fact she's quite sharp. She's just different and we already knew that. We've also been struggling with her eating since she was a baby since she was diagnosed with a Sensory Integration disorder and can't handle things like heavily textured food, so she pretty much lives on Pediasure. She's in therapy twice a week in order to learn how to deal with having things in her mouth, loud noises or general over-stimulation. Our son, on the other hand, is walking garbage disposal that will eat anything you give him. They're both really sweet kids.
  • I'm a 28 year old, straight christian male with two kids that works in a noisy, sweaty manufacturing facility. Rainbowdash is my favorite pony.

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