Sunday, December 16, 2012

Cinder Kitten Winner!

You guys did NOT make this easy. While there were some entries that I tossed out immediately because they didn't follow the rules or (quite honestly) made my eyes bleed, it got harder and harder to narrow them down as I zeroed in on my favorites. At the end, I spent a solid two hours flipping back and forth between two sets, looking at the submitted pictures as well as reconstructing them in MogIt, weighing what I liked about each one and what I liked less, trying each outfit on different races and genders. I finally settled on which one I liked the most, but before I get into that, I want to recognize some honorable mentions.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Transmog contest and Cinder Kitten giveaway!

I've been planning this since the Cinder Kitten was announced a few months ago, yet I still find myself completely unprepared. Now I'm trying to thrash out a post between orders at work.

Blizzard's new Pet Store offering is the Cinder Kitten, inspired by Majordomo Staghelm and the equip effect from the staff he drops for Feral Druids which adds an awesome fire effect to their cat form when in combat. Not only is it adorable, but through December 31st, 2012, all proceeds from the Cinder Kitten sales are being donated to the American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief. Since I have in-laws in New York who were affected by Hurricane Sandy, this is a pretty sweet deal for everyone.

I'll be holding a Transmogrification contest with a Cinder Kitten awarded to the winner.

 - Submissions must be emailed to by Friday, December 14th at Midnight PST (so anything after 12:01AM on Saturday will be late) and include a picture of the outfit you've assembled as well as a list of the items used. If there's something you feel you need to explain about your outfit (such as being modeled after a specific NPC or your thoughts behind it), include that as well.
 - Submissions must be follow all Transmogrification rules enforced in game, so no Rogue tier on your Paladin or Draenei wearing Warlock gear and all items must be available (or at one time available) in game. I will smack you if you submit something using Frostmourne.
 - Winner will be announced and displayed here and then contacted via the email address used for the submission. No email addresses or personal names will be given away or sold. No personal information will be posted without the winner's permission. Everything will be completely confidential.
 - First place winner will be chosen based strictly on what I like. This is a completely subjective judging process where I will simply pick the one that I think looks prettiest.
 - I'm allowing a maximum of 3 submissions per person, but it's quality over quantity here.
 - MogIt and ModelViewer screenshots are perfectly acceptable. I'm judging the outfit, not your luck with loot drops.

EDIT - EU submissions seem to be an option since it looks like I can get through the purchasing process on the EU Blizz Store.
 - Mized armor types (Warriors wearing Leather/Mail) aren't viable options for Transmogrification as it's not a viable option for gearing anymore. If this was an "RP Outift" contest, it would be a different deal.

While none of these will disqualify someone outright, here's a few guidelines for a good submission:
 - Large, high quality pics in good lighting make the outfit easier to see and judge.
 - "Bonus points" (there is no actual points system) for outfits that mix and match items that were otherwise never intended to go together. Simply putting on your Tier 6 isn't particularly creative.
 - While I have a fondness for an exposed belly, the "I'm basically going into battle naked" outfits don't hold much ground with me. I'm looking for creativity and a well assembled outfit that works, not a centerfold.

Feel free to email me with any questions or ask them in the comments.