Sunday, July 15, 2012

Giggity . . .

I had plans today to get back to my Felguard weapons articles, but then this happened:

That's just my luck, though. Despite farming for the Blackblade of Shahram on my warlock for several weeks now, it just figures that I would finally see it drop on my new DK's first run through UBRS at level 59. After months and months of clearing ToC25 with my guild while it was relevant content, my best-in-slot trinket didn't drop until I took a couple weeks off of raiding well into ICC at which point it dropped three weeks in a row and went to alts and off-specs.

Now, despite having several alts parked in Storm Peaks on multiple servers so I can quickly and easily camp him whenever I have an hour or so to kill, this punk finally showed up when I decided to go farm Saronite on a whim.

Not that I'm complaining . . . .

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