Wednesday, October 10, 2012

I'm not dead . . .

I'm just checking in. The last few weeks have been a fairly brutal grind with the race to 90 and the push to get geared and ready for raiding. Even after hitting 90 there was the daily grind (I didn't mind it at first, but I'm really starting to hate the way they gated two reps behind Golden Lotus and tied VP gear to reps) as well as leveling professions and running heroics for gear. Fortunately, my guild started raiding again last night and I'm sporting a respectable 466 item level after my belt upgrade from Stone Guard. LFR is also out now which provides another gearing route so I can safely neglect doing things like Angler's and Cloud Serpent dailies in order to cap my VP. All in all, things are starting to slow down and that's a welcome change. It'll be nice to get back to my more casual activities like farming transmog gear and mount hunting. I also have a stable of level 85 alts that are getting lonely.

Anyway, I still have a couple posts rolling around in my head that I'll be working on soon, including some tips for heroics, updating the Demo/Destro guides for 90, a look at Felguard weapons in MoP, an AoE post and (when we get some more time on deeper bosses) Mogu'shan Vaults pointers. I'm also working on a guide to using SimulationCraft that I'm hoping to have up by the end of the day tomorrow.

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